Which Commercial Mopping System is Right for Your Building?

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Standard Mop Buckets

Lucy Mop BucketMop buckets come in a range of colours and designs. Most common buckets are provided in colours that compliment colour-coded cleaning regimes and have detachable wringers and handles removing the wringer allows the bucket to be used as an ordinary pail for other general cleaning tasks. It also makes cleaning the bucket a lot easier for the operative.

The wringer is designed to accommodate socket mops. Also, in common with other areas of the industry, JANGRO can supply buckets that incorporate a slip hazard sign on the outer casing as an added safety feature.

Kentucky Mop Wringer Buckets

Combo Bucket & WringerUnlike general wringer buckets, these are designed for use with Kentucky mops. They are larger than normal buckets and must be used in conjunction with a suitable wringer. This wringer fits to the rim of the bucket and incorporates a draining container with two moveable rollers. The rollers are…

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